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Our mission is to empower leaders and teams to improve their relationships and their productivity.  Dr. Phillip McClure will post regularly, and we will also feature our staff, clients, and colleagues.  We hope you enjoy our content, that it serves you well, and that you’ll interact with us by your comments, shares, and reposts!

  • 18/04/2022 - Dr. Phillip McClure 0 Comments
    The 10 Commandments of Company Culture

    Company culture. The words get thrown around a lot these days in management circles. But what do they really mean? A simple definition of culture is the customs, ideas, and behaviors of a people that define a country, a business, or a group. Culture serves as an invisible glue that binds people together.

    If you’re trying to define your company culture, it’s important to find the invisible glue that represents your culture and then to create a list, some commandments if you will, that help to keep your company culture intact. If you’re in the process of creating your company’s culture, here are the ten commandments you should keep in mind as you move forward.

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  • 03/03/2020 - Dr. Phillip McClure 0 Comments
    Coming Soon!!! Awesome content to serve you!

    We will write captivating, witty, and worthwhile posts to serve friends and clients.  

    Expect to hear from Dr. Phillip McClure regularly, from the rest of the team at MPS, as well as our colleagues and clients!

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