Creating Change

with Engagement & Interaction

Creating Change

with Engagement and Interaction

McClure Professional Services offers a variety of activities and challenges to help teams of people—from university students to executives—improve their leadership, communication, and collaboration while enhancing team dynamics. See the menu below for both our workshop trainings and to learn about our highly sought and wildly popular custom events!


In our custom events, we present your team with ideas to consider, problems to solve, obstacles to overcome, and communication challenges to navigate in interactive ways. In our workshops, those same facilitative skills make for engaging and lively training on the topic of your choice.


We’ve served large corporations, small businesses, and grassroots nonprofits with thousands of hours of engaging experiences!


Our workshop curricula and our custom events have proven successful over decades for teams in a variety of industries.  Some of our great clients are highlighted on our home page. Scroll down for our current menu of training and facilitation offerings.

Training Subjects

Click on any of our current training offerings to discover the synopsis and relevant themes.  If you need a custom workshop researched and delivered, use the ‘schedule a consultation’ button above and let us know what you have in mind.


"I’ve been able to translate many of the skills and techniques learned in Dr. McClure’s Improving Engagement in Meetings Workshop to improve my own business meetings and professional presentations.  Whether you’re running a small group meeting or presenting to 500+ people, this workshop will help you captivate your audience and facilitate those meetings more effectively.”

Michael Lejong, Principal Architect,

MAGH Architecture

Michael Lejong

"Phillip’s intuitive sense is the key to his work with teams. He has an ability to draw the best out of people and push a team to be bigger than the sum of its parts. He helps put the right individual strengths together so they are multipliers. It’s been a privilege working with Phillip to leverage our team members to be the best we can be as a whole. "

Allison Montiel, Principal,

Future School

Allison Montiel